Location: Backenstown Road

  • LPHW Heating installation including all Radiators, Boiler, 3 zone controls, Pipe work and fittings.
  • Hot and Cold water services including Cold water storage tank, Cylinder, Shower pump, distribution pipe work to bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Mains water supply from above ground, Including all associated distribution pipe work and valves.
  • Gas installation from meter to boiler location.
  • Soils and wastes, including all above ground pipe work, traps, cleaning eyes, vents, and fittings.
  • Ventilation – including all ductwork from Kit extract hood, utility room, and bathrooms excluding fans.
  • Supply and install sanitary ware.
  • Kingspan Solar panels including all controls, associated pipe work and fittings.

Main mechanical contractor for Showhouse Construction Developments for the supply and installation of plumbing and heating to 14 no. 2, 3 & 4 bedroom houses.