Client: T Burke & Co

  • Test existing Gas supply pipe work and confirm soundness.
  • Drain down & disconnect existing boiler (RHS)
  • Supervise and assist with installation of new boiler 2 and calorifiers 3 & 4
  • Installation of new 10” headers, 5 new 65mm F&R circuits including valve set up and pumps, 2 no 80mm F&R branches to each new boiler and Dirt separator to header.
  • Drain down each of the existing circuits and weld in new 65mm tee’s and 2no Valves to each circuit.
  • Installation of new pressurization unit.
  • Installation of temporary gas supply to new boiler 2
  • Connect up calorifiers 3 & 4
  • Fill and test & assist commissioning boiler
  • Open & test each circuit one by one and test.
  • Drain down & disconnect existing boiler (LHS) 2 no hot water boilers and existing calorifiers.
  • Strip out existing headers and pipe work to existing calorifiers.
  • Supervise and assist with installation of new boiler 1 and calorifiers 3 & 4
  • Connect new boiler 1 to new headers.
  • Connect Gas supply to new boiler
  • Connect pipe work to new calorifiers 3 & 4.
  • Fill and test new boiler and calorifiers 3 & 4 & assist commissioning boiler
  • Open valves on new boiler and calorifiers and confirm operation.

Extensive works installing & commissioning the new boiler room at one of Dublin’s landmark hotels. Installation of a new pressurization system.